Compression Socks

Aug 7th 2017

Get Your Circulation Going With Compression Socks

Thanks to the many advances of science, one would expect innovation and creativity to offer up varying solutions to various physiological problems. But who would have thought that socks would one day become a medical marvel? But science did just that, now you have compression socks that prove to offer a plethora of benefits to all individuals. You probably are wondering what in the world these are, yet just like diabetic socks, these compression socks are all designed to assist in perfect blood circulation to the feet and legs. But what type of illness could one have which would mean they need to have their feet enclosed in a tight fitting pair of socks?

Well you’d be rather surprised. Thanks to gravity, blood circulation especially in older human beings tends to be more focused on the lower part of the body. This obviously has many medical consequences, such for instance circulatory problems. A few like thrombosis, edema and phlebitis are some of the more problematic and serious issues that people could suffer from. Besides being subjected to debilitating cramps and fatigue, these conditions could also lead to serious pain. The answer to these problems is compression socks.

What compression socks actually do is to compress the surface veins, muscles and arteries and force the blood within the body to travel via the smaller minute passages thereby promoting more blood to travel to the heart and other vital organs while less is allowed into the lower extremities like the feet. Compression socks truly are a medical marvel; what’s more the materials that have been used to create these are of simple and uncomplicated composition. Most compression socks are made from lycra, spandex or rubber. While the pressure exerted by these socks is felt more at the ankles, the pressure would be less towards the knees.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that compression socks while being initially sold to those who suffered from circulatory problems, are now more widely available for everyday use. One can easily find compression socks being worn by athletes who desire more support of their muscles while air passengers also use these compression socks to good effect when traveling. Circulatory problems are a realistic issue when one is seated on long journeys hence these socks are ideal when it comes to helping to avoid a myriad of problems such as deep vein thrombosis, edema and even painful and inconvenient leg cramps.